• Up to 150k in Funding

    EDGE16 is now CLOSED 
    Applications will open in Dec 2024


    Who We Are

    Scottish EDGE is a competition aimed at identifying and supporting Scotland’s up-and-coming, innovative, high-growth potential entrepreneurial talent

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    • 3,599Applications
    • £15m+Awarded
    • 395Businesses Supported
    • 苹果上youtube网站加速软件Jobs Generated
    • £151mAdditional Turnover
    • £124mAdditional Investment


    Scottish EDGE

    Scottish EDGE is the main competition category, and all companies that apply and meet the eligibility criteria will be entered in to and assessed for the main Scottish EDGE competition. This category also includes three special awards: STV Growth EDGE, for consumer-based product business across both Rounds 16 and 17, 国内ipad怎么看youtube, for Science, Technology and Engineering focused businesses; 苹果用什么翻墙上youtube, for businesses from within Scotland’s Creative Sector; Social Enterprise EDGE, for Social Enterprise businesses; and Circular Economy EDGE, for circular focused businesses.

    If you have an Innovative, High-Growth Potential business then you could win up to £100,000 (£150,000 for Higgs EDGE) plus a fantastic package of support from Scottish EDGE. The application process consists of each business completing the Scottish EDGE Online Application Form (available from our website) and producing a 3-minute video presentation. Your application and video submission are then assessed by our independent panel of assessors against the following criteria: Innovation, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Business Growth Potential, Customer Focused, Utilisation of Funding and Risk Awareness.


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    Applicants who are eligible for the Young EDGE category will be assessed as part of the Scottish EDGE 1st Stage Assessment Process and, should they meet the scoring level required following assessment, will be invited to pitch live at the Young EDGE Final, for the chance to win one of the prizes up to £15,000 (Grant only). The assessment criteria for Young EDGE is the same as in the Scottish EDGE category.

    Following the conclusion of the assessment day, the judging panel will decide the top Young EDGE winner (irrespective of their Scottish EDGE assessment score) and this business will be awarded a place at a future Scottish EDGE final.

    Wild Card EDGE

    Recognising that businesses can often require support to take their product or service to market, Scottish EDGE introduced the Wild Card EDGE competition category in 2015. Open to pre-trading businesses, winning a Wild Card EDGE award results in Scottish EDGE support in the form of a grant of up to £15,000 and access to our non-financial support package, provided by leading business professionals.

    This is a judges’ award category and requires the collective agreement of the assessment panel that you or your company has the innovative ‘wow’ factor. Innovation is not only about your product or service; it can be about you, your approach, your team, or the design or brand which you have adopted.

    Following the conclusion of the assessment day, the judging panel will decide the top Wild Card EDGE winner (irrespective of their Scottish EDGE assessment score) and this business will be awarded a place at a future Scottish EDGE final.


    Round 16 is now Closed

    Round 17 will open for application in December 2024

    You only need to submit one application to be entered in to the Scottish EDGE, Young EDGE or Wild Card EDGE competition, where eligibility permits. All applications must be submitted using the Scottish EDGE Online Application Portal, which can be accessed from the top of the Home Page.

    No paper based or email applications will be accepted.

    Submit an Application


    Assessment Criteria

    Whilst the competition standard and level of expectation can often increase as you progress through the stages of the Scottish EDGE competition, the assessment criteria remains consistent across the 1st Stage assessments, the Semi-Final and the Final.

    Young EDGE and Wild Card EDGE also have the same assessment scoring process but within Wild Card EDGE this will be interpreted slightly differently as these businesses are pre-trading. The assessment criteria across all rounds scores against the following key requirements:

    • Innovation
    • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • Business Growth Potential
    • 苹果上youtube网站加速软件
    • Utilisation of Funding
    • Risk Awareness

    Expanded definitions of each critera can be found here.

    3-min Video Pitch

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    YouTube is the preferred option for uploading video content and we would encourage applicants to amend their video to the unlisted option when uploading a video to YouTube (link below). The time limit for videos is 3 minutes maximum. Any video content beyond 3 minutes will not be viewed during assessments.

    How to change video to Unlisted.

    Once the video content has been uploaded to YouTube (or another preferred format i.e. Vimeo) then you must provide the full URL link on your Scottish EDGE Application where requested.

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    For full competition FAQs, please refer to the Scottish EDGE Competition Brochure here.

    Application Workshops

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    Watch Here

    Sample Application

    View a sample application with what are considered strong answers to the application questions:



    View past examples of 3-min video pitches which went on to win funding:

    View Examples

    Competition Brochure

    Read the 2024 Competition Brochure for in-depth guidance on your application:

    Download Competition Brochure


    Supporting Scotland’s Future Entrepreneurs

    The “EDGE Pledge” is a pioneering initiative around which winners can make an agreement to contribute a minimum of one percent from exits or make a donation from future revenue streams to support Scotland’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

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    Past Winners

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    Contact Us

    If you have any questions or want more information on Scottish EDGE, or have a potential partnership to discuss, then please feel free to get in touch using the number below or Contact Form.

    If your enquiry is in relation to the Start Up or Innovator Visa Endorsement, we are unfortunately unable to support businesses we are not currently working with. 

    tel: 0141 264 2535

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